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When many students plan their trips to study abroad, Poland is often a forgotten destination. This should not be the case! With all the country has to offer, from an academic to a touristic standpoint, it really deserves a top spot in the minds of students everywhere. In case you are still not convinced, here is a list of the top 5 reasons to study in Poland!
Poland offers many remarkable study programs. Among these are Engineering and Business programs which are taught in various top Universities that are located in the two biggest cities in Poland: Warsaw and Kraków. This program gives students the opportunity to learn about Engineering, business, economics, and political science alongside local students. These classes are conveniently taught in English, but there are options for fluent students to take classes taught in Polish.
International has the opportunity to transfer or do exchange programs at one of the partner universities abroad.
You've seen castles in movies growing up, but have you ever gotten to experience the beauty of a castle up close? If that has always been a dream of yours, then Poland is the place to go! Home to a number of the most amazing castles in the world, Poland brings history to life with its preservation of these magnificent structures. Although any castle you stumble across in Poland will take your breath away, some stand out among the rest: Malbork Castle is not only a castle, but it is also the largest brick building in Europe! Now home to a unique weapons collection, this landmark was built in 1406 by the Teutonic Knights. Ogrodzieniec Castle's ruins are still preserved in Poland and are available for tourists to visit. The beauty of this castle draws a large crowd- especially for photography and filming purposes.
One of the traits that sets Poland apart from other countries is its preservation of rich history. Castles contribute to this unique aspect of Poland, but there is much more to Poland's history. Kraków's historic Old Town and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum are just two examples of the many remarkable destinations this country has to offer. Kraków's Old Town is one of the most coveted destinations for tourists around the world, given its awe-inspiring architectural monuments, beautiful roads and pathways, and courtyards full of character. It also offers unique places to spend time with friends and family, such as cellar bars and literary cafes. Must-sees in Kraków's Old Town include: Royal Route was the coronation path for Polish kings from the 14th to 16th centuries, when Kraków was the royal capital of Poland. National Museum holds a spectacular collection of artwork, with its top floor solely dedicated to the display of 20th-century Polish Art. Collegium Mauis is Jagiellońian University's oldest building and past studying home to the famous Nicolaus Copernicus. Auschwitz-Birkenau's Memorial and Museum is a destination that is bound to leave you speechless. Formerly a German Nazi concentration and extermination camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau is recognized around the world as a reminder of the terror and genocide that occurred during the Holocaust. Given that Auschwitz-Birkenau was home to the deaths of over 1.1 million men, women, and children, it is needless to say that a visit to this memorial and museum requires tourists' utmost respect and solemnity. Admission to the memorial is free of charge, but reservations must be made via visit.auschwitz.org. You will be charged a fee if you choose to have a guide and/or if you come with a group. However, many have found that the historic lessons provided by the guides are well worth the cost of the tour.
Although Warsaw and Kraków have the highest populations in the country, there is far more to experience in the towns and cities of Poland than just what lies in these two major locations. Below are some of the best areas to explore as you study abroad: Towns Malbork is a small town famous for its Malbork Castle, a great destination for a day trip. It is also an ideal spot to explore with your classmates and enjoy a local restaurant or two. Zakopane is a resort town that is great for a weekend of outdoor activity after a week of studying. It offers many sporting activities for winter and summertime sports, as well as hiking trails. Cities Czestochowa contains the Black Madonna, which is the icon that displays the Virgin Mary. It is located in the Jasna Gora Monastery. Gniezno, the first capital of Poland, is filled with Polish history, including its Gothic cathedral that dates back to the 14th century.
Studying can get overwhelming if it is not accompanied by good friends and good fun. Taking some time off from your studies to enjoy the great outdoors can do more than just create lasting memories with your classmates. It can also serve as a stress reliever and can help clear your mind of all your obligations at school.
Poland plays an active part in the Bologna Process. Owing to the introduction of three-stage education modelled on Bachelor/Master/Doctoral studies as well as the European Credit Transfer System, both Polish students and foreigners studying in Poland stay fully mobile and can continue their education elsewhere in the European Union. Within just the Erasmus Program that has been going on for over 20 years now, over 43,000 foreign students have come to study in Poland while almost 100,000 students from Poland have taken part of their education in another country within the European Union. Foreign students coming to Poland can expect the most attractive and diversified education opportunities meeting high European standards. They can study medicine, biotechnology or engineering, but also art and business. The diploma awarded to them upon graduation is recognised not only Europe-wide but also in key countries of the world.
Compared to other EU countries, the tuition fees in Poland are highly competitive and the costs of living are a fraction of what a foreign student would have to spend in other European cities. Cost of Living in most European country is averagely between (5100euros -8600euros) a year. This should cover your accommodation, transportation, feeding and utilities for a year. In any case, your lifestyle and taste will be a key determinant when it comes to your cost of living. Part time work is allowed which could assist you cover most part of your living cost however it is always advisable to have a sponsor back home to cover other expenses if need be.
Upon graduation, students are allowed to stay back in Poland for at least a year to look for jobs and also have the opportunity to change their status to become permanent resident.


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